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Hot Prospecting Tips from a Lead Generation Master

Bryan Barnes

Mentor: Bryan Barnes

Whether your real estate career began after your return from World War II, or this is your very first day on the job, prospecting – drumming up new business – should always remain your single most significant activity.  As a rookie, it’s easy to get caught up in tasks and goals that make no impact on your bottom line.  As a veteran, it’s easy to lose focus amidst the sheer amount of unfinished work that needs to be completed, not to mention all of the people to manage.  Hunkered down in the trenches of real estate sales every day, iSucceed Mentor Bryan Barnes offers a balanced perspective on prospecting that will keep business consistently strong and thriving.  Tune into this Counseling Call and learn:

  • How to define target audiences and decide which media channels are right for you.
  • How your prospecting efforts can still flourish despite recent governmental regulations.
  • Six key things to bear in mind whenever you attempt to generate new business.
  • Why advertising is now an investment in risky and diminishing returns.
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1. Business Planning for Consistent Success
Bryan Barnes, who has been developing his business plan for over 20 years, shares his methods to create and track your own business plan.

2. Hot Prospecting Tips from a Lead Generation Master
With 30 years of lead generation experience, Bryan Barnes helps you turn cold leads sizzling hot.

3. Increase Your Income By Handling Past Clients
Build and manage an extensive system of follow-up with your past clients, says Bryan Barnes.

4. Use Open Houses to Break Into High-End Homes
Open houses can serve more than one purpose, so be prepared to take advantage of all, says Barnes.

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