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Crafting Your Internet Corvette

Diane Armitage

Mentor: Diane Armitage

Itís gospel by now: every successful real estate agent must have a website.  If you are an aspiring agent and you donít, stop what you are doing right now and get one.  After that, tune into this weekís new Counseling Call and listen in as iSucceed Mentor and web marketing guru Diane Armitage shares a wealth of advice on how to totally transform your site.   Take the outdated URL that hopelessly merges onto the Internet highway only to get lost in the traffic into an extreme performance vehicle capable of carrying your most significant messages directly to the intended destination.  Tune in and learn:

  • How to harness the power of the Internet without getting lost in the scope of the Internet.
  • Insider tips on everything from SEO to blogging to niche targeting to custom programming.
  • How to maintain your brand image across your entire website by reworking the functional but unattractive link to your MLS.
  • How to use the Web to focus on the demographics of your unique micro-audience.
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1. 14 Secrets to Profitable Websites
Diane Armitage explain the 14 most important steps necessary to make your website profitable.

2. Crafting Your Internet Corvette
Diane Armitage shares five hot tips that will turn your website traffic from mediocre to muscular.

3. Create a Leveraged Ad Campaign for Your Office
Diane Armitage shows you how to transform those advertising dollars into solid brand awareness.

4. How to Take 30 Buyers Through 10 Open Houses in a Single Afternoon
Diane Armitage explains the efficient and profitable "Open House Tour" concept.

5. Overhaul Your Internet Marketing Now To Generate More Leads From Your Website, Web 2.0 and Beyond
  • How to adjust your Internet Marketing Plan for todayís economy
  • Tweak your website to include these lead-generating ideas
  • How to harness the power of Push Marketing to get in front of hundreds of prospects

6. Overhaul Your Internet Marketing Now To Generate More Leads From Your Website, Web 2.0 and Beyond, Part 2
  • How to find the most popular search terms
  • What an EMA is and how it can drive traffic to your site
  • Creating ongoing Lead Generation when nothing else is working

7. Six Leverage Secrets that Brand Your Name and Company
Sear your name into prospects' minds and leverage that priceless space, explains Diane Armitage.

8. The Empathetic Expired Listing Ad That Costs $70 and Generates $20,000 in Commissions
Diane Armitage shows you how to win every time by engendering sellers' trust.

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