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Low-Tech Sales in a High-Tech Market

Eva Keagle

Mentor: Eva Keagle

No, Keagle’s market isn’t Northern California’s cutting edge Silicon Valley or downtown metropolitan Seattle, but another location that eventually passes its technology off to hi-tech powerhouses like the Apple’s, Hewlett Packard’s or Sony’s of the world.  While those companies sell primarily to the retail market, Keagle – who admittedly has no real interest in or passion for electronics – canvasses a niche market in her hometown that practically eats and breathes technological sophistication.  As the nation’s #1 ERA agent in 2006 for annual number of homes sold, last year Eva closed 270 transactions selling homes to the likes of NASA engineers and Brigadier Generals.  If you aren’t a technology wizard, this week’s Counseling Call is meant just for you!  Tune in and learn:

  • How to effectively sell homes to a tech-savvy clientele without getting lost in the gadgetry.
  • What makes the geek mind tick, and how you can appeal to that personality.
  • The supportive team structure required to free you up to properly invest in each prospect.
  • A persuasive communication secret that will give you the edge in every client conversation.
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1. Back to Basics
The three essential touchstones to Eva Keagle's success are knowing herself, knowing her clients, and knowing her market. This top Texas agent shares how she's been able to use this knowledge to her advatage to close sale after sale and deliver unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.

2. Low-Tech Sales in a High-Tech Market
Tech novice Eva Keagle sold 270 homes in 2005 at a Mecca of technological advancement. Discover how.

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