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Increase Business by 50% with this 3-Pronged Marketing Technique

Jeff Scislow

Mentor: Jeff Scislow

Marketing opportunities in today’s real estate industry seem endless.  Between budget tweaks, media channels, target audiences, content creation, development, production, fulfillment and delivery method and frequency, it is easy to see how agents can get lost in shuffle.  Take heart, however, because iSucceed Mentor and innovative thinker Jeff Scislow has created a clear, simple framework for the successful execution of a solid marketing campaign.  When the final expenses and subsequent revenue are tabulated, Scislow’s system offers you the ability to measure your results with precision and modify future campaigns for further success.  Tune in to this Counseling Call and learn:

  • The three fundamental components of any solid marketing campaign.
  • How to improve the scope of your business by 50% in one year’s time.
  • The precise operational and conceptual skills needed to successfully pull off a quality campaign.
  • Guidelines for properly evaluating and measuring the efficacy of your marketing activities.
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1. How to Protect Your Full Commission Rate
As discounters continue to hound the commission issue, Jeff Scislow helps you safeguard your rate.

2. Increase Business by 50% with this 3-Pronged Marketing Technique
Real estate marketing can be a hectic & complex endeavor; Jeff Scislow offers simplicity & clarity.

3. Track Other Agents' Listings to Strengthen Your Listing Presentations
Keep a pulse on the competition, and you will be more prepared to beat them, says Jeff Scislow.

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