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The Perfect Real Estate Transaction: Nice & Easy

Nelson Zide

Mentor: Nelson Zide
Business has never been better for iSucceed Mentor Nelson Zide, whose simple transaction strategies and straightforward customer service have propelled him to the lead in his Massachusetts market. In this week’s new Counseling Call Nelson dives deep into the strategies that allow him to offer his clients a home purchase that achieves several key goals, and ultimately provides such a positive experience that word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire and his business continues to surge ahead. Tune in and learn: 
  • The top 3 skills you will need to supervise a smooth transaction process.
  • A powerful strategy for ensuring that you offer your clients the easiest possible transition.
  • How the transaction process has improved and deteriorated over the past two decades.
  • How to avoid and/or overcome some of the more common snags in the transaction process.
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1. Evaluating Your Strengths and Weakness
Nelson Zide of Framingham, Massachusetts, discusses how to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Get Down to Business: How to Train Your Customers, Systematize Your Workflow, and Stay Sane in the Process!
Nelson Zide cuts through the fluff to explain exactly how you can close more transactions this month

3. How to Get Big Marketing Bang for Very Small Bucks
  • Add media to your website for pennies on the dollar
  • Low-Cost or No-Cost activities to brand yourself
  • Why internet marketing doesn't have to be expensive

4. Providing Top-Notch Customer Service
For over 30 years Nelson Zide has been perfecting his customer service techniques - now their yours.

5. Scripts that Earn Your Full Commission and Price the House Your Way
Nelson Zide turns words into dollars with powerful analogies that prospects simply cannot ignore!

6. Superior Client Service
Nelson Zide shows us ways to provide superior customer service.

7. The Perfect Real Estate Transaction: Nice & Easy
Check out one of the best client retention methods in the industry, courtesy of Nelson Zide.

8. The Training Trifecta: Prospecting, Negotiating, and Keeping Your Customer for Life
Nelson Zide gives an insider's look at three core building blocks in your real estate skill set.

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