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Smile and Dial: The Art of Profit

Roddy McCaskill

Mentor: Roddy McCaskill

Magnetic personal charisma – one of the few common denominators present among the nation’s most successful real estate agents. Get to know one, and you’ll soon discover that it’s more than just a “gift for gab” – it’s the ability to maximize the persuasive powers of personal communication. Top producers know how to rapidly assess need and speak in an authentic, authoritative manner.  Above all, they are experts at listening; accurately receiving the communication that their clients and prospects offer and understanding the nuances of personality, tone, content, and body language.  However, this skill is not for a select few: it can be learned, and over time your confidence as an agent can improve to point where your charisma shines as well.  iSucceed Mentor Roddy McCaskill personifies this definition of charisma, and in this Counseling Call he explains:

  • How to master the numbers game in the real estate war of attrition.
  • The kind of comprehensive market research that will allow you to edge out competition nearly every time.
  • How partnerships and promotions with local businesses can consistently augment and improve your marketing efforts.
  • A situational method for working with each and every valued client.
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1. Smile and Dial: The Art of Profit
Roddy McCaskill reveals the techniques that helped him close $50 million in 2005.

2. The Key to Your Business
Transform your customers into raving fans with Roddy McCaskill's unique customer service concepts.

3. Using a Referral Marketing System to Generate 150 Transactions per Year
Top-producing agent Roddy McCaskill from Little Rock, AK will share the referral system that generated over 150 transactions for him last year.

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