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Donít Just Manage Your Contacts, Mesmerize Them!

Ken Eddy

Mentor: Ken Eddy

iSucceed Mentor Ken Eddy operates in a truly unique environment.  As a premier agent in Calgary, Alberta, his market is an important part of a province whose annual revenue surpluses at $60 billion!  That creates major relocation and referral-based business for Eddy, who has been fine-tuning his networking skills for over two decades.  Through conferences and conventions, past client parties and direct mail touches, Eddy’s goal is for his clients to experience his business, rather than simply hear about it.  The results have proven to be outstanding: over $1 million in GCI and counting during the course of his career.  Tune into this Counseling Call and learn:

  • The key activities you should be engaged in to grow your referral business.
  • How to help your past clients experience your current business.
  • The golden key to opening the treasure vault of your referral network: reciprocity.
  • Why the convenience of technology can also be it Achilles heel when it comes to networking.
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1. Building an Agent Referral Base
Finding new business may be as simple as impressing another local Realtor, says Ken Eddy.

2. Donít Just Manage Your Contacts, Mesmerize Them!
Ken Eddy reminds us that rock-solid relationships are the best path to real estate referrals.

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