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Creative Land Development Listing Opportunities

Lisa Burridge

Mentor: Lisa Burridge

Although many agents begin their careers on the residential side of real estate sales, selling homes that have already been built, a larger world of commercial, investment, and construction opportunities exists for the Realtor® savvy enough to take advantage of them.  As her practice has changed and flourished over almost two decades, iSucceed Mentor Lisa Burridge began a quest to learn all she could about land development, and shares her discoveries on this Counseling Call.  Tune in and learn:

  • The benefits of working in the land development niche.
  • Effectual ways to lure land developers to select you to help sell their newly developed properties.
  • Some unusual secrets for building long-term relationships with builders.
  • How to exponentially increase your revenue by multiple new properties at a time.
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1. Creating an Exit Strategy
Lisa Burridge of Wyoming bought and sold two offices. In this call, Lisa shares with you the methods she's learned to exit gracefully and successfully.

2. Creative Land Development Listing Opportunities
Lisa Burridge explains a few intriguing ways to develop a thriving new niche.

3. How to Build and Sell Your Real Estate Business
Begin with the end in mind, and you can sell your real estate business for millions, says Burridge.

4. New Twist on the Familiar Expireds Program
Realtors often contact Expireds that immediately hit the market, but Burridge goes 3 months back.

5. Prospecting Scripts
The Script. Write it, prep it, practice it, use it, tweak it, sell with it, says Lisa Burridge.

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