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Create a Total Marketing Juggernaut

Jim Striegel

Mentor: Jim Striegel

Jim Striegel is a sales machine, and his pervasive success spans multiple industries.  Since entering the real estate industry in 2000 he experienced a meteoric rise to become Keller Williams’ #1 agent in 2004 and 2005.  Now the owner of his own firm, The Real Estate Connection, and a growing coaching and training business, Jim attributes his success to a “no box” creative mentality and the sheer strength of will to be the very best at whatever he does.  In this week’s Counseling Call Jim explains how he rose to the top with such speed: a comprehensive, “no-holds” marketing campaign that simply blew away the competition.  Tune into this call and learn:

  • How to leverage all of your marketing assets for maximum impact, lead generation and conversion.
  • How to play the numbers game and win the war of attrition without taking too many financial casualties.
  • How to create the infrastructure required to handle a more rapid growth rate.
  • A unique leadership style with an affinity for profit.
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1. Create a Total Marketing Juggernaut
Go from newbie zero to millionaire hero in under five years! Jim Striegel gives you the keys.

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