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From Tragedy to Triumph: Selling RE in the Wake of Katrina

Linda Fredericks

Mentor: Linda Fredericks

Imagine over 100,000 people flooding into your market in less than 72 hours, having been evacuated before one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit the southeastern seaboard of the United States.  New iSucceed Mentor Linda Fredericks had sold homes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for over 30 years, but when the levees in the adjacent city of New Orleans broke at roughly 8am on the morning on August 29th, 2005, everything changed – but not in many of the ways you’d expect.  Linda immediately went into relief mode, helping dozens and dozens of people find life’s basic necessities.  Looking back, she can’t think of a more amazing, challenging, fulfilling, or financially rewarding time in her entire life.  Tune in to this Counseling Call and hear:

  • The fascinating story of how Linda reacted to the impact her real state business felt from hurricane Katrina.
  • The valuable life lessons she learned from her experience, and how they changed the way she does business today.
  • How Linda was able to keep her business more prosperous during this calamity than she ever thought possible.
  • Key customer service principles that often get lost in the shuffle of everyday business.

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1. From Tragedy to Triumph: Selling RE in the Wake of Katrina
What happens when your market population grows by 25% in only 3 days? Linda Fredericks explains.

2. List the Buyer
In most U.S. markets, buyers now have the power. Linda Fredericks explains how to advise its use.

3. Sharpen Your Focus & Watch Your Business Thrive
  • How to explain to buyers why this market is the best time to buy
  • Expand your business in new and unique ways
  • Help to re-establish the value of the agent in your local market

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