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Look Across, Not Up

Russell Shaw

Mentor: Russell Shaw

What’s the difference between the agent closing 15-20 transactions per year, and another closing over 100? New iSucceed Mentor Russell Shaw believes that it’s nothing more than a narrow mindset – a perspective often held by newer agents who are constantly “looking up” at their more successful counterparts, as though some great and mysterious divide exists between the two. In reality, as Shaw explains, the new agent who wants to become a rising star should learn to “look across” and consider those much more successful colleagues as attainable equals, rather than symbols of “the good life”, or affluence and wealth. Tune in this Counseling Call and learn:

  • What’s really stopping you from reaching your transaction goals.
  • How you can remove that hindrance and enjoy this explosive growth.
  • The crucial differences between the 20%’ers and the 80%’ers.
  • How to avoid the “maybe” folks, and conduct your business with decisiveness.
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1. Look Across, Not Up
Simply decide to overcome every obstacle keeping you from explosive growth, explains Russell Shaw.

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