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How to Properly Valuate Your Real Estate Business

Tim Baker

Mentor: Tim Baker
Reap the fruit of all your effort! Whether you're a rookie or a veteran, you should always be conscious of how much your business is worth should you decide to exit the industry. Your contact lists, databases, systems, and even your office staff could be worth pure gold to someone else, especially if you've prepared and documented everything in advance. Veteran agent Tim Baker explains what factors you should consider as you build a business that will bring the most value to your enterprise, and reveals the specific areas you should focus on when determining your sale price. Tune in this Counseling Call and learn:
  • The best reasons to sell your real estate business.
  • How to consider your business an asset rather than a commodity.
  • Who would want to acquire your business, and how you can make it more tantalizing to them.
  • What you need to start doing NOW to lend your business maximum value at time of sale.
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1. Building Consumer Confidence through Promotions
Never underestimate the persuasive power of an exciting promotion, says top agent Tim Baker.

2. Building Lifelong Relationships with Past Clients
At its core, real estate sales is about building lasting relationships, says Tim Baker.

3. Cultivate Your Past Client Relationships with a Celebration
Nothing can supplant the value of face-to-face contact with your past clients, says Tim Baker.

4. Focusing on Profitability
The bottom line is the botton line, says Tim Baker, so treat it as such and you will make a profit.

5. How to Properly Valuate Your Real Estate Business
It's never too early to gauge the worth of your business. Tim Baker shows you how.

6. Retaining Your Bottom Line in a Changing Market
Let Tim Baker turn your overwhelming financial mountains into mere money molehills.

7. Rising to the Top with Unique Geographic Farming
Business is consistently rising in top agent Tim Baker's farm thanks to a clever marketing concept.

8. What Else Do You Want to Do With Your Life? How to Plan to Sell Your Business From Day 1
Tim Baker explains how to start putting your dreams into action to fund your ideal future.

9. iSucceed Author Series: The Real Estate Professionalís Handbook for Starting and Running a Successful Business
Tim Bakerís new book is an exceptional blueprint for establishing or revitalizing your business.

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