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How I Went From $60k in Debt to $7 Million in Sales My First Year

John Mejia

Mentor: John Mejia
With his background as an airline pilot, John Mejia and his wife enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle, enjoying the fruits of success.  But like so many others who are affected by employers struggling to keep their business afloat, when his employer went under John went under as well. Unable to find work in his career of choice, and facing a $60,000 mountain of staggering debt, John decided to try his hand at real estate.

With sheer determination and tenacity,  John was able to turn his life around in the matter of a few months, and proudly closed out his first year in real estate with gross sales of $7 million. Listen to this week's inspiring call and learn:

  • How to get organized and work your leads more effectively
  • What one simple trick can inspire you on a daily basis
  • How to create your own "POA" to spur you on to greater success
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1. How I Went From $60k in Debt to $7 Million in Sales My First Year
New mentor John Mejia shares the remarkable story of his rapid rise in real estate.

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