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Persistence: How One Agent Went From $0 to $40 Million in Five Years

Lori Grunewald

Mentor: Lori Grunewald
New iSucceed Mentor Lori Grunewald started in the real estate business like many other Rookies; with zero dollars and zero clients.  Newly married and a new resident to the town of Broomfield, Colorado, Lori had no built-in sphere to turn to, and spent the first year working part time as a waitress, managing a few deals for friends and acquaintances.
Fast forward to five years later, and her numbers are impressive; starting from her second year when she really began to focus, she doubled or tripled her business each successive year, ending her 5th year with a healthy $40 million dollars in gross sales.
Think it can't be done? Think again.  Tune into this week's call and learn how Lori did it.
She'll explain:

  • What 2 important things she did immediately that brought her business
  • Consistency: your secret weapon
  • A marketing solution for agents who want to brand themselves but are struggling with finances
Lori Grunewald of Coldwell Banker in Broomfiled, Colorado just outside of Denver has had an impressive rise to her current top agent status.  In 2005 Lori was awarded four separate awards from Coldwell Banker, including Humanitarian Award, #1 Agent in her Office, #1 Team, and the President's Premier Award, and this year she and her small team are gearing up for a goal of $60 million in gross sales.
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1. Persistence: How One Agent Went From $0 to $40 Million in Five Years
New Mentor Lori Grunewald explains how to overcome common obstacles to your success as a rookie!

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