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From $4 Million the First Year to $11 Million Last Year: An Inspiring Rookie Success Story

Yvonne Bonner

Mentor: Yvonne Bonner
New iSucceed Mentor Yvonne Bonner entered the real estate industry in the year 2000, fresh from her role in the business world as a corporate trainer. With no previous real estate knowledge and working with a finite amount of capital, Yvonne created a simple goal to succeed in her new career and pursued it with unwavering determination and focus. At the end of her first year, this newcomer closed over $4 million dollars in gross sales. Last year Yvonne more than doubled that number, closing out 2006 at $11 million, and is on track this year to up that figure to $15 million. In the process she's developed a niche of working with builders and new construction, and now has deals in the pipeline that will guarantee her multiple streams of income in the coming months and years. How did one rookie with no prior experience accomplish so many
successes in such a short time? Tune in to this week's counseling call and hear from Yvonne herself.

You'll learn:

  • Key activities to pursue your first 2 years in real estate
  • When to begin focusing on a niche
  • How to get started in new construction
  • How to approach builders and differentiate yourself from other agents immediately
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1. From $4 Million the First Year to $11 Million Last Year: An Inspiring Rookie Success Story
New mentor Yvonne Bonner describes her astounding rise to success as a rookie in a few short years

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