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Tune Up Your Website For 2007

Ken Deshaies

Mentor: Ken Deshaies
As a CyberStar and e-Pro for many years, Ken Deshaies has always used technology to his benefit. Recently he demonstrated this again, as he gave his website a facelift and added some crucial back end functions which now allow him and his team to service clients better than ever before.  Tune in and learn:

  • How to incorporate animation easily and simply
  • What technology tools can make your website more productive
  • How to make your website client-centric and friendly
  • How to capture leads and keep them coming back for more.
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1. Radical Thoughts from a Rule Breaker
Ken Deshaies discusses how breaking the rules can result in more business, a more focused team, and a position of prominence in the community.

2. The Power of Blogging: How to Quickly Draw Search Engines and Clients to Your Site
Itís the ultimate dream of every marketer and advertiser: a direct, 100% unpolluted, totally closed pipeline of consensual information flow between a potential or current customer and that customerís provider of choice. That is the potential afforded by Internet blogging today.

3. Tune Up Your Website For 2007
Ken Deshaies explains key elements to incorporate when giving your website a technology tuneup.

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