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Career Killers: Top 10 Things Agents Do to Wreck Their Careers

William Shue

Mentor: William Shue
Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007! 

Wrapping up the year in their classic 'Top 10' style, iSucceed interviewer Kelly Kelley turns the tables on iSucceed President William Shue, 'The Larry King of Real Estate', to find out what he's learned from hundreds of hours of interviews and seminars he's conducted throughout the year online, on the phone, and in person.  Bill's no-nonsense style gets to the heart of the matter, as he keenly identifies 10 things agents and brokers do (or fail to do!) that are absolute career killers.  Get ready to take notes and do not miss this riveting call!
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1. Career Killers: Top 10 Things Agents Do to Wreck Their Careers
iSucceed President William Shue wraps up 2006 with his unique insights gleaned from Mentor interviews.

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