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Dealing with Listing and Purchase Contracts

Allen Wright

Mentor: Allen Wright
Fresh on the heels of his last call about managing your contacts, real estate coach and business expert Allen Wright returns one last time to tie up 2006 neatly, as he explains how to manage the myriad of details associated with processing Listing and Purchasing contracts.  You'll learn:
  • How to organize the tasks associated with intiating and processing a contract
  • What the different parts of the contracts mean and why they're important
  • How to make sure none of the details fall through the cracks
Allen Wright is the authoritative leader on business planning for real estate agents and brokers.  Known as “Mr. Business Planning”, Allen’s articles have been published in major newspaper and magazines and he is a highly sought after speaker and trainer.  Agents walk away from his presentations with a newfound knowledge of how essential a business plan is, and how quickly they can implement one that meets their goals.
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1. Business Planning for Brokers
Business Planning - it's not just for agents anymore! Allen Wright explains a broker's interest.

2. Database Management: Following Up with your Prospects, Past Clients and Sphere
Allen Wright returns with sage advice on managing your follow-up contact.

3. Dealing with Listing and Purchase Contracts
Allen Wright finishes up 2007 with clear instruction on how to manage every aspect of your contracts

4. Embrace Your Potential and Coach Yourself to Success
Allen Wright returns this week with powerful ideas on how to coach yourself to success!

5. Goal Setting is Not Business Planning!
Biz planning guru Allen Wright explains the difference, so you can start next year off with a plan.

6. The Ultimate Personalized RE Business Plan, Part I
Allen Wright, of CreateAPlan shares his insight on the essential aspect of any agent’s future success, Business Planning.

7. The Ultimate Personalized RE Business Plan, Part II
Allen Wright believes that without a clear direction and the necessary tools, business planning can be a nightmare. That’s why he spent nearly a decade perfecting the most comprehensive online business planning tool available.

8. Your Mid-Year Business Plan Review
As you wrap up the first half of 2006, Allen Wright offers an engaging way to evaluate your business

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