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The Psychology of Selling in the 2nd Home Market

Jim Lea

Mentor: Jim Lea
When a buyer's affluence grows to the point where the ideal vacation home they've been envisioning for decades finally becomes a financial reality, the rules of the real estate game shift in several significant ways. Each aspect of the home purchase process takes on a slightly new meaning, but after 27 years of experience, Jim Lea shares how an agent can effectively speak the language of the second home buyer demographic, and not only sell more homes, but enjoy the multiple benefits of selling to the resort-minded culture. Tune in to this Counseling Call and learn:
  • How to grasp the psychology of the resort homebuyer and sell to that mindset.
  • The degree of respect and sophistication expected in an agent desiring to sell in the second home market.
  • How to alleviate the distinctive buyer fears associated with a second home purchase.
  • The overriding importance of balance in the second home lifestyle, and the agent's key role in protecting and maintaining that balance.


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Content Contributed
1. A Postcard Campaign for the Vacation Resort Market

2. Successful Selling in a Vacation Resort Market
Jim Lea explores selling a lifestyle of fun and relaxation to second home market prospects.

3. The Psychology of Selling in the 2nd Home Market
Jim Lea shares the unique style of diplomacy required to navigate the second home purchase.

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