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Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

Judy McCutchin

Mentor: Judy McCutchin
Dallas top producer Judy McCutchin learned long ago that embracing new technology is a sure-fire avenue to outstanding profits and satisfied customers. An Allen Hainge Cyberstar, Judy has been called a 'visionary' by Kiplinger Magazine and runs 'the most sophisticated real estate Web site in the country' according to Realtor Magazine. She regularly incorporates the very latest methods of communication and information management into her business, keeping her constantly on the forefront of electronic innovation.

Join Judy as she shares with iSucceed members the latest in electronic communication and how staying ahead of the technology curve can lead you to unparalleled success!

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1. Harness the Power of Technology on Your Site for a Steady Stream of Buyers
Judy McCutchin of Dallas, Texas, shares Internet marketing strategies designed to increase your business by making your site an unmatched information source.

2. Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve
Are you keeping current on all the gizmos, gadgets and techno-speak? Judy McCutchin is here to help!

3. The Wireless Agent
Judy McCutchin’s distinctive remote office environment allows her unparalleled sales freedom.

4. Training Your Virtual Team for Extraordinary Performance
Judy McCutchin discusses how personality, atmosphere, talent and attitude shape teamwork.

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