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Buyer Scripts and Dialogues

Judy Johns

Mentor: Judy Johns
Judy Johns of Overland Park, Kansas, discusses scripts and dialogues to use with buyers for decision making and closing. She shares how to find a decision maker in less than one minute and how to determine buyer motivation.
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1. Building a Top-Notch Team
Judy Johns shares how she finds the right people and builds a top notch team. Judy also covers interviewing techniques, compensation ideas, and allocating responsibility.

2. Buyer Scripts and Dialogues
Communicate powerfully with buyers to engender trust and produce enthusiasm, explains Judy Johns.

3. Creating Relocation & Referral-Based Business
Treat relocation clients well, and watch your stateside referral business explode, says Judy Johns.

4. Embracing the First-Time Homebuyer
Some agents consider 1st-Time Homebuyers a hassle. Judy Johns LOVES them - find out why!

5. Seller Scripts and Dialogues
Sellers must be treated with respect & diplomacy. Scripts & dialogues help Judy Johns do just that.

6. Staging Homes
Judy discusses how she helps sellers create a pleasing atmosphere to their homes to sell homes faster and for the best price.

7. Staging Homes for Better Sales
Judy Johns explains why in a changing market, staging may be just the tool to help sell that listing

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