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Selling in a Buyer's Market

Ron Neal

Mentor: Ron Neal
Even though Ron Neal's market turned into a buyer's market with depressed prices, he was able to add 20-30 transactions to his yearly bottom line. How did he do it? In this training call, Ron discusses self-promotion, prospecting for foreclosures, getting business from past clients, working with other local agents, and his Guaranteed Sales Program.
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1. A Guaranteed Program Built to Gain Commissions and Customer Trust

2. Build a Website to Gain New Clients
Websites that lack any compelling reason to visit them are simply taking up server space, says Neal.

3. Gaining Referrals at Realtor Conventions and Conferences
Ron Neal covers how to maximize your reach and referral potential at real estate conventions!

4. How to Do a Deal a Day
Join Ron Neal as he unwraps a strategy focused on the power of planning and strong customer retention.

5. Offer a Tropical Vacation to Gain Referrals
Promotions, when properly used, can add a new level of excitement to your business, says Ron Neal.

6. Selling in a Buyer's Market
A buyer's market is not a bad one, just a different animal, says specialist Ron Neal.

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