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A Year-round Mailing Campaign

Maxine Dumas

Mentor: Maxine Dumas

The first step towards creating a marketing plan to stay in touch with your customers is often to decide how often you want to contact them, in what manner, so you can create a schedule for yourself. Then you fill in the holes with appropriate supplemental materials.  This module takes the guesswork out of that task, as Maxine Dumas shares the exact mailing campaign she uses year-round, to keep her top-of-mind with her clients, and to generate new leads and business.She’ll show:

  • The components of a basic year-long mailing campaign
  • How to generate interest and responses via giveaways
  • How to obtain vendor buy-in and receive donated product
  • Sample verbiage and a layout to create your own letters and flyers

Using Maxine’s campaign as your outline,  you can quickly put together your own mailing plan, and begin a regular series of contacts with your clients that offer value and keep you in front of them all year.

Includes PDF downloads of Maxines’s actual materials.

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1. A Year-round Mailing Campaign

Maxine Dumas shares her simple and effective mailing campaign that keeps her in touch with clients and prospects throughout the year.

2. Taking a Listing: From A to Z
30-year veteran Maxine Dumas walks us step-by-step through the process of taking a listing.

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