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Create An Informative, Personalized Newsletter in One Day or Less

Frank Russo

Mentor: Frank Russo
Have you been wanting to put together a simple newsletter as a way to stay in touch with your clients, but cringe at the thought of using one of the mail-house mass-produced ones that so many other agents use?  You might be surprised how easy it is to create a simple four-page newsletter that has multiple purposes. Frank Russo has done just that, and in this module you'll learn:
  • How to offer value beyond the usual recipe and joke columns
  • How to personalize the newsletter to all your clients
  • How to supply content on a monthly basis
  • How to give clients something to look forward to in each issue

Spend a few minutes reviewing this module, and you can have your very own personalized newsletter put together in a few hours! Includes PDF downloads of Frank's actual newsletter.  
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1. Are You the Assistant?
If it's you, says Frank Russo, then it's high time to recruit, hire, train and delegate.

2. Create An Informative, Personalized Newsletter in One Day or Less
Frank Russo's unique Newsletter template is a snap to put together, and sets you apart from the crowd.

3. How to Publish a Listing Magazine
Among the many advertising avenues available, Frank Russo says you just can't beat the magazine.

4. Personal Investing - Creating a Passive Income Stream
Working toward a passive income stream should be central to any business plan - is it central to yours?

5. Price that Listing to Sell! Crucial Skills You Need in Today's Market to Move Listings
Frank Russo shows you how to move listings and put cash in your any market!

6. Scripts to Set the Price Right and Get the House Sold
Frank Russo contends that in today's market Pricing is a crucial factor to getting homes sold.

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