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Two Offers in an Hour: An Open House Technique Guaranteed to Triple Your Traffic

Jeremy O'Neal

Mentor: Jeremy O'Neal

There is no magic bullet that works for every real estate agent.  In fact, quite the contrary is true – there is such an overabundance of methods, strategies and techniques that can be used to sell real estate that maintaining focus can often become a daunting challenge.  iSucceed Mentor Jeremy O’Neal has taken a classic method of lead generation that many agents consider to be an ineffective waste of time and transformed it into his primary profit center.  In this Success Module O’Neal explains how he supercharged the tried-and-true open house concept and now enjoys stunning results.  Tune in and learn:

  • How to connect with hundreds of prospects and incur virtually no marketing expenses.
  • How saturating your market with signage can keep you top-of-mind in your local farm.
  • A unique method for attracting more open house attendees and buyer prospects.
  • How your market knowledge can get your customers the right price every time.
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1. Two Offers in an Hour: An Open House Technique Guaranteed to Triple Your Traffic
Jeremy O’Neal blows the doors off a classic lead generation and sales technique.

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