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The Million Dollar Solo Agent

Margaret Rome

Mentor: Margaret Rome

As their practices grow, many professional REALTORS® opt to begin creating a team of people to surround them to perform a variety of important tasks that help keep them focused solely on sales.  However, not all agents choose that path.  For agents who enjoy every aspect of the process and want to remain as involved as possible, iSucceed Mentor Margaret Rome has graciously offered to share her experience – a degree of experience that generated over $10 million in closed transactions for her last year – not a bad annual income at a full commission rate!  Tune in to this Success Module and learn:

  • How to take a yearly sales goal and break it down into weekly goals.
  • How to determine which activities you can effectively accomplish as a solo agent.
  • A unique strategy to keep sellers returning to your website again and again.
  • How to incorporate new avenues of exposure such as radio shows and blogging into your business.
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1. Creative Strategies to Attract Serious Buyers in A Declining Market

  • How to weed out the tire-kickers
  • A simple no-hassle method of attracting buyers
  • How to serve your buyers and get listings in the process
  • A unique method for guaranteeing buyers will flock to your listing

2. Real Estate the Rome Way
  • How to compete with discounters offering “$5 dollar haircuts”
  • Prepare and deliver a phenomenal listing presentation
  • Getting ready to sell & pricing the home right

3. The "Type E" Personality and the Solo Agent Connection
Do you operate your business in a way that's just, well, "different" than other agents?

4. The Million Dollar Solo Agent
Think you absolutely need a team? Margaret Rome explains why going solo can be just as satisfying.

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