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The Wireless Agent

Judy McCutchin

Mentor: Judy McCutchin

Judy McCutchin operates an unusual team – unique in that only one coordinator works at her central office. With an incredibly powerful online administrative backend that functions like a combination mail server, database and transaction manager, Judy’s telecommuting team is capable of performing every necessary computation during the home purchase or sales process from a remote distance. That saves Judy a huge chunk of time; time that she can devote to selling more homes with less administrative hassle. Tune into this week’s new Success Module and learn:

  • How technology can free up your time and allow you to focus on the most important income-producing activities.
  • The unique Internet concept that can dramatically cut down on the number of client phone calls during the life of a transaction.
  • How a web-based transaction management program can streamline all of your processes.
  • How establishing systems is the key to incorporating wireless technology and keeping in touch with a geographically dispersed team.
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1. Harness the Power of Technology on Your Site for a Steady Stream of Buyers
Judy McCutchin of Dallas, Texas, shares Internet marketing strategies designed to increase your business by making your site an unmatched information source.

2. Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve
Are you keeping current on all the gizmos, gadgets and techno-speak? Judy McCutchin is here to help!

3. The Wireless Agent
Judy McCutchin’s distinctive remote office environment allows her unparalleled sales freedom.

4. Training Your Virtual Team for Extraordinary Performance
Judy McCutchin discusses how personality, atmosphere, talent and attitude shape teamwork.

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