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Teamwork by Design: Leave Nothing to Chance

Sandra Nickel

Mentor: Sandra Nickel

Having enjoyed a quarter century of real estate sales success, Sandra Nickel knows that building a solid team of professionals who work well together is nothing to be flippant about. A myriad of factors can affect a team’s ability to function at their highest capacity: personality conflicts, poor integrity, ill-defined rules, roles, and goals, apathy, and burnout – to name just a few. At the same time, the potential exists for a well-constructed team to far exceed the sum of its individual members and achieve an incredibly high level of consistent productivity, accomplishment, and personal enjoyment. Whether a team succeeds or fails is largely dependent on who leads them, and how that leadership influences those affected by it. In this success module you will learn:

  • How to begin determining the roles you must fill around the unique needs of your specific situation.
  • How to use various recruiting systems and personality tests to insure that you the select the best candidate.
  • Once defined, how to delegate authority and trust your team to accomplish the tasks set before them.
  • A unique problem-solving method that puts the power to correct issues solely in the hands of your team members.
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1. A Roadmap to Success
Sandra Nickel lays out the basics for building the best business plan you've ever laid eyes on!

2. Low Cost (and Some No Cost) Personal Promotion
Don't have zillions of dollars, but want to generate quality business? Sandra Nickel obliges you.

3. Making It a Smooth Move
Sandra Nickel demonstrates her creativity in developing programs to handle old-style home sales.

4. Secrets of The Hat Lady: Strategies for High-Impact Low-Cost Marketing
Are the funds low? Are the marketing efforts waning? Take heart, says Sandra Nickel.

5. Selling the Charm of Antique Homes
Selling the Charm of Antique Homes No one in the industry understands branding better than Sandra. She’s anything but ordinary, and her taste for antique homes, coupled with her personal charm ...

6. Teamwork by Design: Leave Nothing to Chance
Be deliberate about every aspect of the hiring and team-building process, says Sandra Nickel.

7. Using the F.O.R.D. Method to Prospect and Retain Clients
No, we're not talking F-150's here, but flatly put, this personality profiling system works.

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