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Niche Marketing and Specialization

Don Hobbs

Mentor: Don Hobbs

It seems many agents spend so much time and money trying to get name recognition in their market. Good advertising and bad advertising costs the same, but only one gets results. What's the difference between good and bad advertising? The answer lies in a personal marketing campaign which builds your image - your own "brand" - consistently over time. With this kind of marketing plan, you can make the most of your advertising dollar and experience a new connection with clients as well as lasting name recognition.

In this module, Don takes you through the same steps he takes clients through to help them maximize their marketing dollars and create personal images that stand out. As you decide how you are going to market yourself, he prods you to ask:

  • What is my target market?
  • What is the image I have, and what is the image I need to have?
  • How do I create a marketing campaign that carries this basic image throughout all media?
  • What do I need to consider when creating a slogan and/or logo?
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