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How to Protect Your Full Commission Rate

Jeff Scislow

Mentor: Jeff Scislow

Today’s real estate consumers have more options than ever, including deep discounts on commissions if they’re willing to sacrifice the service they will enjoy. But Jeff Scislow’s customers obviously believe his services are well-worth paying top dollar for. As Minnesota’s top home seller since 1990, Jeff continues to post tremendous sales numbers while generally charging a full 7% commission to the vast majority of clients that he represents. Listen in to this Success Module and learn how you can begin to command a strong and healthy commission without causing all of your clients to balk at the rate you charge for the exemplary service you provide. Tune in and discover:

  • How to explain to prospects the factors that determine their net profit.
  • How to establish points of difference between you and commissioned discounters.
  • A method for negotiating and receiving a robust commission.
  • If you lose a listing, how you can track and better understand the reasons behind the seller’s decision.
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1. How to Protect Your Full Commission Rate
As discounters continue to hound the commission issue, Jeff Scislow helps you safeguard your rate.

2. Increase Business by 50% with this 3-Pronged Marketing Technique
Real estate marketing can be a hectic & complex endeavor; Jeff Scislow offers simplicity & clarity.

3. Track Other Agents' Listings to Strengthen Your Listing Presentations
Keep a pulse on the competition, and you will be more prepared to beat them, says Jeff Scislow.

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