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Earn a Commission with Every FSBO

Sheldon Zacharias

Mentor: Sheldon Zacharias
Sheldon Zacharias knows that some home owners will always insist on trying to sell their home themselves. Rather than try to convince them otherwise, or waiting weeks for them to change their minds and finally seek an agent, Sheldon offers them the For-Sale-By-Owner Smart Seller Program. With this program, Sheldon equips these sellers with the tools they need to sell their home themselves. The program earns him a small commission, but more often than not, he winds up with the listing and a full commission.
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1. Conquering Commission Objections
Conquer your fear of commission objections by presenting a variety of options for your clients.

2. Earn a Commission with Every FSBO
Sheldon Zacharias offers a unique approach to success with FSBO'S.

3. Online Home Buyers' System
Buyers want information. In order to receive it, they must make a committment, says Zacharias.

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