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Using Weekly IVR Reports to Keep Sellers Informed and on Your Side

Bruce Hardie

Mentor: Bruce Hardie

An easy way to keep a client is to tell them the truth. With an IVR system, Realtors can track the effectiveness of an ad, and relay to the customer information that was obtained. The use of an IVR system can compute how many calls are being placed on a certain listing, and depending on the results, the agent can adjust their marketing.
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1. $1.50 Personal Pre-List Video

2. Boost Referrals by Focusing on Your Sphere of Influence
Concentrate on those with whom you have developed the greatest trust, explains Bruce Hardie.

3. Develop Solid, Consistent Leads with Next Gen Technology
Bruce Hardie offers a practical perspective that will equip you to take full advantage of concepts like video email, voice broadcasting, and web-based real-time lead conversion tracking.

4. Five Action Items that Increase Referrals 150% while Reducing Marketing Costs
Decrease overhead and increase office traffic with Bruce Hardie's proven referral system.

5. Servicing a Listing
Nothing keeps customers coming back like outrageously solid customer service, says Bruce Hardie.

6. The "Needle in a Haystack" Expired Listings Program
Obliterate all competition when nabbing Expireds with Bruce Hardie's awesomely inexpensive system.

7. Use Cable TV for Fast and Lasting Visibility
Bruce Hardie reveals the incredible power of cable television advertising.

8. Using Weekly IVR Reports to Keep Sellers Informed and on Your Side
The trendiness of IVR may have passed, but it remains a solid lead-gen tool, says Bruce Hardie.

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