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Creating Incredibly Profitable Buyer's Agents

Bill Renaud

Mentor: Bill Renaud

Bill Renaud's nine-member team includes four buyer's agents who contribute much more than sales to the team, making it Ottawa's #1 real estate office. In this program, Bill will explain how he put his team together, and how he keeps it going strong.
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1. Catapult Your Business with Outside Help
Bill Renaud reveals the nature of his business' rapid growth: lots of help from outside sources!

2. Creating Incredibly Profitable Buyer's Agents
Bill Renaud's four buyer's agents are the backbone of his incredibly profitable team.

3. The Power of Scripts
  • How to be ready with an immediate answer to commission objections.
  • The value of making the client a partner in a home’s marketing campaign.
  • The secret to giving the client an incentive to sell quickly.
  • How to create instant and steady cash flow via a win-win situation.

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