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Seven Ingredients of Referral Success that Dramatically Increase Your Business

Mark McKee

Mentor: Mark McKee

Referrals are the most cost-effective business you can get, and in this program Mark McKee explains how you can get them - regardless of how large or small your database is. He covers:
  • The best place to lay the groundwork for referrals.
  • How to build your profitable "A" list.
  • The use of referral scripts.
  • The importance of a contact management system.
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1. A Rejection-Free FSBO System

2. How to Get Wealthy Investing in Your Future
Mark McKee shares tips for ensuring strong ROI on property investments.

3. Referral Secrets
You can't make referrals appear out of thin air, but you can get close, says Mark McKee!

4. Seven Ingredients of Referral Success that Dramatically Increase Your Business
Referrals are about trust, which is about promises kept, which all boils down to superb service.

5. Success is a Team Mentality
Mark McKee discusses the key factors affecting the success of real estate sales teams.

6. The Critical Ingredient for Your Success
Real estate superstar, dynamic speaker and marketing guru Mark McKee reveals the critical ingredient for your success!

7. The FSBO Campaign that Generated 20% of My Business
How does a $500,000 annual income selling to FSBO's sound? Mark McKee lights the way.

8. Your Retirement: How to Get Wealthy Investing
Mark McKee consistently posted annual earnings of more than $500,000. Thursday, he explains how you can retire early by tapping into the business you know best buying and selling real estate.

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