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Using Email as a Quick and Easy Way to Build Relationships

Alice Held

Mentor: Alice Held
Alice Held of Phoenix, Arizona, jumped into the world of Internet communication in 1995 and has been perfecting her marketing and online relationships ever since. Alice advocates email as a method to turbocharge your communications so you can connect with your clients, and form better relationships quickly, easily and cheaply.

In this program Alice explains her secrets for creating online relationships, and increasing traffic to her website.

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1. Drawing Out-of-Town Buyers
Alice Held shares an innovative newcomer package intended to draw intrigued relocation clients.

2. In Pursuit of the Niche: How to Make Your Passions Work for You
Alice Held has taken her personal passions of geology and stargazing and woven them seamlessly into her business, resulting in an incredible branding for her business and a rewarding relationship with customers. !

3. Secrets of a Successful Web Site
It's not rocket science, but there are certain web site methods you can master, says Held.

4. The ABC's of Branding...and Rebranding!
36-year veteran Alice Held offers her solid advice on Branding, drawing on years of experience.

5. Using Email as a Quick and Easy Way to Build Relationships
Email is a quick, convenient, free form of communication. "So use it!" says Alice Held.

6. Why Include an Exit Strategy in Your Business Plan?
Alice Held of Arizona will discuss how to form your own exit strategy, and what issues you should be considering.

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