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A 7-Step No-Cold-Calling System that Generates 1 of Every 2 Sales

Missy Vanderbilt

Mentor: Missy Vanderbilt
Missy Vanderbilt reveals her innovative prospecting system that has organized and streamlined the way that she keeps in touch with past clients and people in her referral database. By using this system, Missy brings in more than half of her business through referrals with no cold calling!
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1. A 7-Step No-Cold-Calling System that Generates 1 of Every 2 Sales

2. Handling Price Reductions
There's no need the panic - the rightly-priced home will always sell, says Missy Vanderbilt.

3. Stand-Alone Special Programs
Missy Vanderbilt of Dallas, Texas will discuss several specialty services to boost your business. She will cover programs such as a Guaranteed Sales Program, Moving Trucks and Buyer Hotlines.

4. Team Building
Success thrives on teams, and conversely, teams thrive on success - Missy Vanderbilt explains.

5. There IS Life After Real Estate!
Personalize every aspect of your business and watch profit skyrocket, says William Meyersohn.

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