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In Less than a Week, Create Buyer and Seller Workbooks that Sell You Without Fail

Char MacCallum

Mentor: Char MacCallum

Save time and make money by letting strategically designed marketing materials sell you and your services in your absence!

In this program, top-producing Kansas City agent Char MacCallum reveals how her comprehensive buyer and seller books increase efficiency, keep you in the mind of the customer, and free you up to focus on the profit-producing tasks of your business.

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SPECIAL OFFER! In an exclusive arrangement with iSucceed, the exact same workbooks Char has used to propel her to phenomenal success can now be your own - completely customizable. Get Char MacCallum’s Buyer Presentation at a substantial discount in the RealtyU Bookstore today!

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1. Beyond the Commission: Creating Real Wealth Through Investment

Char MacCallum reveals how to use your market knowledge to your advantage and create real wealth through investment in property.

2. Effective Moving Billboards. . . for Free!
Why not keep your ads moving, asks Char MacCallum, and make your transportion do double duty?

3. Implementing Systems
Char MacCallum shows you how clear protocol is the foundation of any thriving real estate business.

4. In Less than a Week, Create Buyer and Seller Workbooks that Sell You Without Fail
Char MacCallum's buyer and seller workbooks are a true boon to every real estate agent.

5. Setting the Stage for Quick Profits
Whether you stage a home yourself or hire someone else to do it, the market is clear on one thing: staging makes you money. Char MacCallum explains how sellers can maximize the effect of staging without breaking the bank.

6. Systemizing Your Office
If you can repeat it, someone else can reproduce it. Char MacCallum shows you the systems ropes.

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