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Find and Keep Great Buyer's Agents

Ed Birdsong

Mentor: Ed Birdsong

Ed Birdsong has used his buyer-agent training program since 1992 as a way to introduce new employees to the job. In this program he explains the importance of finding out what his buyer's agents really want from their career, and how to teach them what the job entails. Because of the loyalty he's built, he's gone years without losing a team member.
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1. Build Neighborhood Market Share with this Ice Cream Truck Campaign
Nothing radiates feel-good childhood nostalgia quite like an ice cream truck, says Ed Birdsong.

2. Find and Keep Great Buyer's Agents
Buyer Specialists may just be your E-ticket to doubling or even tripling your current revenue.

3. Prospecting Past Clients
Your current customer base is your best chance at future business, says Ed Birdsong.

4. Your Prospecting Newsletter
Quarterly newsletters are fundamental to outstanding client retention, says Ed Birdsong.

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