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Using Kiosks for Advertising and Marketing

Cathy Russell

Mentor: Cathy Russell

Cathy Russell of Lafayette, Indiana, uses a great zero-based marketing idea to draw more prospective buyers using a listings kiosk at her local mall. Cathy has developed an easy system to update the information weekly and to offset the cost of the machine by selling advertising.
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1. Add Personality for Less than $5 to Attract FSBOs and Expireds
Cathy Russell discusses how to target and turn FSBO's and Expireds into listings!

2. Finding, Attracting and Landing FSBO's
Convincing FSBO's to use an agent isn't nearly as painful as ignoring them, says Cathy Russell.

3. Get Your Name Out There!
Cathy Russell shares how she became the number one agent in the Lafayette, Indiana metropolitan area, and how you too can get your name out there!

4. Get the Most Out of Open Houses with Tours
Cathy Russell squeezes every ounce of sales potential out of every open hosue she holds.

5. Prospecting, Prospecting, and More Prospecting
It's the bread-and-butter activity of every successful real estate agent, says Cathy Russell.

6. SEO for Real Estate Dummies: How to Set Up & Maintain a #1 Site
Keep that torrent of site traffic rushing in with first page status on all the major search engines.

7. SEO: The New Holy Grail of Internet Marketing
Cathy Russell sheds some valuable light on how you CAN create the visibility and intrigue you need to drive enough customers to your website.

8. Using Kiosks for Advertising and Marketing
The kiosk marketing method may not have glitz and glamour - only results, says Cathy Russell.

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