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How to Make Relocation Business Your Biggest Source of Income

Marsha Sell

Mentor: Marsha Sell
After breaking into Atlanta real estate more than 28 years ago by knocking on doors and calling for sale by owners, Marsha Sell now derives about 40% of her business from buyers relocating to Atlanta. When she started in the real estate business, Marsha had the foresight to know that by handling the housing needs of relocating buyers and excepting relatively small commissions, she could eventually turn relocation in to a lucrative and reliable part of her business. In this program, Marsha covers building a national referral network, marketing that generates relocation referrals and how to serve relocating clients.
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1. How to Make Relocation Business Your Biggest Source of Income
Relocation folks may need some hand-holding, but they can easily become lifetime clients, says Sell.

2. Systems and Checklists Explained
Prevent that sour taste in your client's mouth by ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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