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Boost Your Effectiveness with an Integrated Marketing Plan

Laura Worthington

Mentor: Laura Worthington
Laura Worthington finds mail-outs are 72% more effective when followed up with a phone call. By themselves, mail-outs rarely have a measurable impact on the recipients. It's only when they are combined with other forms of communication that mail-outs pay off. In this module, Laura will explain her integrated marketing program and how it has helped become one of Las Vegas's top agents.
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1. Boost Your Effectiveness with an Integrated Marketing Plan
Laura combines calls, direct mail, the Internet and print to create a powerful marketing campaign.

2. How to Generate Sales Before You Have a Track Record
Five simple but crucial activities you can do to generate sales as a rookie.

3. Showing Up!
Laura Worthington explains why it's crucial that you really 'Show Up' for your customers, and how implementing that one simple concept can grow your profits tremendously.

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