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Never Lose Listings Through Virtual Tour Marketing

Rob Levy

Mentor: Rob Levy

In this program, Rob Levy will explain how to apply virtual tours to promotions, advertising, listing presentations and an e-farm growth plan. Rob will cover:
  • How to draw prospects to your website by touting your virtual tours on yard-sign riders, at open houses and on giveaway diskettes that cost YOU nothing.
  • How to turn buyers of your listings - and their friends - into visitors of your website and willing members of your e-farm.
  • Why virtual tours work best with lower-end properties.
  • How to stack the deck in your favor at open houses.
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1. Becoming as Tech-Savvy as Your Clients
Technology can be a powerful ally in the battle to win listings, says Rob Levy.

2. Never Lose Listings Through Virtual Tour Marketing
The online world is waiting for you: Rob Levy shows you how to maximize its fullest potential.

3. Practically Free Marketing Through Six eFarming Steps
It's time to stop hoarding 'privileged' information & embrace the Internet, says Rob Levy.

4. Real Estate for a New Generation
Rob Levy joins us to share how embracing the latest advances in technology keep his business on the cutting edge.

5. Utilizing the Internet
Utilizing the Internet - Rob Levy covers a wide range of tech-tips, from how to setup an electronic newsletter, choose a domain name, create a 'hybrid web site', to tweaking your MLS listings and tools to help you stay connected on the go.

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