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Real Estate Mentor: Philip Schoewe

Philip Schoewe

Company: HomeIndex, Int’l Real Estate™
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: TX

There are some individuals who truly embody the word "educator", and have evidenced this throughout their professional and personal lives.  Lubbock, Texas resident Philip Schoewe (pronounced "Shay-vee") embodies the educator life and culture perfectly, having been an instructor in one form or another since the early 70's.

Philip's vast education and perspective undoubtedly come from his diverse background, having lived and attended university in five different continents.  During the late and post Vietnam years, 1972-1976, Philip served as an Instructor Pilot both in the cockpit and in formal classroom environments. This history enables him to draw unique and compelling analogies between the art of flying and the art of practicing real estate. 

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, in 1977 Philip became an active REALTOR®, and thus embarked on a rich real estate career that has become one of his many passions, adding multiple designations, degrees, certifications along the way. In 5 short years, Philip was recognized with the HomeIndex, Int’l Real Estate™ Pinnacle Achievement Award for 194 residential closings in one year, simultaneously achieving a closing ratio of160 out of 161 residential properties during their listing period, resulting in being awarded the HIRE™ Residential Counselor Award for 1982 as well.  After serving as the Director of Marketing for HIRE™ for six years, he then turned his attention towards real estate education, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Awarded the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor award by REEA in addition to his CREI™, designation, Philip's resume lists over 70 additional entries related to instructor awards, certifications, degrees as well as a wide variety of achievements in the industry.  Philip Schoewe is clearly a master of his trade.

Philip's unique viewpoint and engaging delivery during presentations enables his audience to connect with the concepts and ideas presented in a profound way, coming away with knowledge as well as that elusive "aha!" feeling so valued in education.

Philip's motto is:  “Docendo discimus’, or ‘We learn by teaching’. . . especially through our children and grand children, so that we may better understand other adults…and ourselves.”





Content Contributed
1. How to Make a Business Decision in One Minute or Less
Master educator and REALTOR® Philip Schoewe cuts to the chase and tackles business decision making.

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