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Real Estate Mentor: Ken Eddy

Ken Eddy

Company: RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Calgary, AB US
Ken Eddy of Calgary, Canada, has sold residential real estate since 1988, closing in on 20 years in the business. In 2005 he closed 115 transactions for gross sales revenue of over $45 million, with a 2006 goal of $52 million on 145 transactions.

As a rookie, Ken sold new homes to his sphere of influence and made up to $120,000 in commissions during his first two years. Energized by his success, Ken got serious and began farming his local market. In reflection, he considers that the wisest decision of his entire career. Ken explains that today the major sources of his business come from geographic farming and Agent Referrals, and that the cornerstone of his continued success is a well thought out business plan that he maintains strict adherence to.
Content Contributed
1. Building an Agent Referral Base
Finding new business may be as simple as impressing another local Realtor, says Ken Eddy.

2. Donít Just Manage Your Contacts, Mesmerize Them!
Ken Eddy reminds us that rock-solid relationships are the best path to real estate referrals.

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