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Real Estate Mentor: Jim Remley

Jim Remley

Company: Pro Performer
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Sutherlin, OR US
Jim Remley is a real estate veteran and a proven leader in the field of selling. Starting at the age of 19 Jim began a spectacular rise as a young superstar. Using cutting edge marketing and simple systems, Jim built a career than enabled him to win numerous regional and national awards. Within two years of obtaining his real estate license, Jim listed over 150 properties and ranked in the top 1% of REALTORS® nationwide.

But he didn’t stop there! At the age of 23, he opened his first real estate company. Using an aggressive training program, he led “All State Real Estate” to become a local leader in his community. Today the company is now one of the largest independent real estate firms in Oregon; eleven branches strong, and growing.

As a recognized leader in the field of sales skills development, Jim has become a prolific speaker, often teaching at company seminars, state associations, and national conventions. His simple “nuts and bolts” style impresses audiences across the country. He is the author of sales manuals, audio programs, web-seminars, and a popular coaching program.

In addition to selling real estate, teaching, and managing his various companies, Jim is also an active real estate investor with a personal portfolio of over 70 rental properties, including a mixture of single family, residential, and commercial units. He often provides personal coaching to agents on how to build wealth for themselves and their clients.
Content Contributed
1. Breaking the Buyer Boundary, Part I
Jim Remley explains that it requires an experienced and savvy agent to guide buyers safely through the entire home-buying experience.

2. Breaking the Buyer Boundary, Part II
Jim Remley strongly advocates that agents educate their buyers as to how the entire process will transpire well before the home purchase process begins.

3. Crack the Code on the Luxury Home Market
Jim Remley shows you how to break into the high class, high commission luxury home market.

4. Going First Class: Step Up to the Luxury Niche for Steady Profits
Luxury Home expert Jim Remley offers concise advice on how to break into this coveted niche.

5. Objections, Questions, and Concerns: How to Turn A Potential Deal-Killer into A Deal-Sealer
Real estate wunderkid Jim Remley counsels on how to turn objections into closed transactions.

6. Objections, Questions, and Concerns: How to Turn A Potential Deal-Killer into A Deal-Sealer, Part 2
In Part 2 of this call, Jim Remley skillfully handles the 10 Most Common Objections Agents Face

7. Pricing: The Key To Selling Homes in Today's Market
First a superstar real estate agent as a 19-year old rookie, and now an active broker-owner of six busy offices in Oregon, Jim Remley begins a third phase in his career as an author, trainer and speaker and consultant. With years of experience Jim brings his wisdom and knowledge to bear in an interview about a topic that is absolutely critical to getting homes sold in today's market: Pricing.

8. Rocking Real Estate Presentations that Make Millions
Jim Remley leads the charge into 2007 with powerful advice on how to maximize your presentations.

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