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Real Estate Mentor: Allan Asplin

Allan Asplin

Company: The Judy Lindsay Team Realty
Affiliation: Other or Unknown
Location: Winnipeg, MB US
As the leader of one of the most successful real estate teams in the world, Allan Asplin has sold well over 1000 homes since 2000. His “Judy Lindsay Team” – a proud namesake carried on in memory of Allan’s mother – is a first class example of the power of customer service, smart marketing, and hard work. That dedication and commitment resulted in over 342 transactions, with gross sales revenue topping $42 million.

Allan’s advanced home marketing techniques include the “VIP Home Buyer & Home Seller System”, and the “Smart Buyer Advantage Program”. Always building on the unique team concept his mother pioneered, Allan and his superb team continue to improve the productivity and customer satisfaction they’ve developed a reputation for throughout Canada.

Listen in to his money making strategies revealed on TeleSeminars hosted by William Shue
Content Contributed
1. Standout Service: The VIP Home Buyer and Seller System
Discover how easy-to-implement comprehensive client benefit packages have enabled Alan Asplin to stand out as provider of value in his market!

2. The VIP Buyer and Seller System
Allan Asplin describes how to implement an incredibly effective VIP Home Buyer and Seller system.

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