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Once You've Got Them, Don't Let Them Get Away!

Joe Rothchild is one of our mentors at iSucceed and I remember a conversation I had with him concerning how he makes sure when those prospects that you worked so hard to get make contact that they don’t get lost.  It got me to thinking about how our objective has remained the same but the means of communication have drastically changed.  Whether it’s a phone call, an email or a text message, our goal is to capture that prospect by providing them what they want in exchange for what we want … quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Joe’s secret to turning prospects into customers is to quickly and efficiently determine what the prospect really wants and deliver the goods.  Your objective is to find out in detail what they are looking for – not telling them what you have or what you think they want.  Then you need to deliver that information - ensuring you have it on hand is a subject for a whole other discussion.   If you can engage them by establishing your position as not only a source of information but a facilitator of the desired result you have accomplished the first step.

What you want from them in return is all the information you can get to help you sort out exactly what they are saying … above the lines and in between.  According to Joe, he is after as much detail as they are willing to provide.

I use a format that gathers all the information I think is relevant to a sale. Not only do I go after every single phone number they use, I ask where they work, what position they hold, where they're currently living, where their job is located, and where they're looking to be as far as proximity to their job. I ask how many children they have, how old they are, how many pets they have, whether they'll be moving from out-of-state or live in the area, the price range they're looking at, what their monthly payment can be, the loan type they're desiring, and the size of the house they're looking for. When asking this last question, I find out what size of house, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages. Some of the most critical things to learn are: when they want to move, their credit history, income, length of employment, and again whether they're working with other Realtors. And the most critical question is how they heard about me.

Remember, in today’s market the chance that the prospect is coming to you after having assimilated a great deal of information is very high.  You need to find out just what pieces they are missing and trade them “quid pro quo.”  Today’s customers are more than willing to provide you at least their contact information in return for your professional answers to their questions. 

Think for a minute that Mr. and Mrs. Prospect have looked at dozens of houses online in your market and have put one of your listings on their “short list.”  Their call or email to you will most likely be in search of information about the community, the school systems, the local services, etc.  If your response is to immediately launch into the listing they called about you already have one wheel in the ditch.  Remember the old real estate adage, “listen, listen and then listen some more?”   Well it hasn’t gone away.  It is even more critical when dealing with today’s Internet empowered customer.  If you aren’t prepared to give them the information that isn’t in the listing agreement they will be off to the next Realtor® on their list in click.  Yes, a click.  You are far more likely to be initially dealing with that prospect electronically than you are telephonically.  It’s a whole new world our there.

As an old fly fisherman told me once … “Son, you can throw flies out there on the water all day long and not get a single bite.  You need to look around and see what those trout are feeding on and then deliver it right in front of him so he can just rise up and take it.  But remember, that’s the easy part … the hard part is making sure that you don’t jerk him off the line once he takes the fly.  Have patience and gently “guide” him right where you want him to go.  Try and horse him in and he’ll find a way to get rid of the fly and go look for another one.  After all … there are plenty of flies out there to choose from.”

Today it’s all about delivering the goods.  Whether you’re fishing in the print media, online or both, you need to let the prospect know that you are the one they need to help them sort through all the data so they can make educated decisions. 

How are you going to get over that wall? 

Well you could try and climb it all by yourself or you could stand on the shoulders of those that have figured it out already.  That’s what iSucceed was created for – to provide you the wise council and benefit of over 200 of the country’s Top Producing agents that have already figured it out.  Our Mentors have taken the time to share all their successful tips, tools and strategies and are even available to respond to your individual questions. 

They are all standing by as part of our faculty at iSucceed and from now until the end of the year you can take advantage of their hard work for free.  To register for your free iSucceed membership all you need to do is visit the website that National Realty News has established with iSucceed … your free promo code has already been entered.  You have the rest of the year to explore the iSucceed vault of information on every aspect of the real estate business … just click here and enjoy the benefits of membership:

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