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Every Realtor® today is looking for that little edge to put them over the top and in reviewing one of our courses last week I ran across some real sound advice regarding presentations.  Not the presentation itself but the mindset behind them. 

I thought this week I’d pass along some food for thought from the Seller Agency Council that they put into the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course.  While the audience is those Realtors® specializing in that market, the information applies across the board.

To become a master presenter requires intensive preparation specific to every unique customer. To your audience it should seem that your presentation is effortless, seamless, and incredibly detail orientated. To rise to this master level requires that your tools work flawlessly, your materials are impeccable, and your transitions from one discussion point to the next are superb. To accomplish these goals let’s take a look at how superstars create presentation MAGIC:

M – Motivate Yourself … Take this quick test: Closely examine all of your presentation materials. What do they say about your motivation level? Do they say that you are completely committed and excited about taking a sellers listing or do they read like standard issue propaganda pieces? To create a presentation powerful enough to motivate a seller to grant you and your firm a percentage of the sales price, or a even a flat fee you must be able to show sellers that you are motivated enough to thoroughly prepare for their meeting.

A – Accept Your Limitations … Master presenters accept their own limitations, if they are not tech savvy they don’t pretend to be instead they expertly pivot the perceived weakness into a perceived strength. How? Take a look at how one luxury professional  handles the situation:

“You know, I’ve chosen not to become a computer person. I’ll admit I’m a little technologically challenged so I hire that work done by someone who is an expert; she works with me everyday to make sure our internet strategy is top flight. Instead I focus my time on what I do best - finding buyers for my listings.” 

G – Gain Leverage … To gain leverage on your audience make it a point to know more about the local real estate market than your clients do - to be indispensable, you must become indispensable. To stay competitive and add value to your services find ways to stay one step ahead of your customer when it comes to finding and interpreting real estate information. Check out how one Realtor® is combating free valuation web sites within his market.

“Many of my clients are doing research on websites like, and others, and I have to admit these are fun places to visit. But when you study the reports that these systems generate you often find serious flaws in the data. In fact I have a few examples… take a look…. When my clients are selling their largest financial asset, I feel it’s my obligation as a real estate professional to do an in-depth market analysis on each property that I market based on accurate information, which is why I compile data from ten different sources.”

I – Invest Time and Resources … Winston Churchill would spend one hour of preparation for every minute of his presentation. A twenty minute presentation would then require twenty hours of preparation! It’s not unthinkable – a broker from Arizona thinks Churchill’s assessment may be below the mark “I’ve invested thousands of dollars, and hundred of hours of time to refining my presentation.” This may be one reason he makes well over $300,000 dollars a year in commission income.

C – Capitalize on Your Strengths … When conducting an interview many employers often ask the question: What is your greatest strength? Why is it so hard to recognize and then communicate our own strong points? One reason is the powerful need to conform to become a boring part of the crowded masses. Yet, master presenters almost always have the ability to separate themselves from the pack and lean into their strengths. They leverage their uniqueness, and make it work for them. Take a look at this list of strengths and see which ones apply to you:





































People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves. How well you can convey your own strong points during a presentation may determine how well received and accepted your message is by the seller.

This material is just a part of what is contained in the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course.  If you would like to learn more about the course or the luxury home niche you can find all about this online and offline course at

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