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Well, ultimately that's a question subject to one's unique and individual tastes, but one thing's for sure; it's certainly been a challenge for folks who decorate homes and those who live in them.  It’s funny how we strive for individuality in our lives but yet we are strongly influenced by those around us; from the cars we drive to the clothes we wear, and even…… the color we paint our walls.


Just for fun, let’s take a minute and look at what colors were “in” over the past few years and what moods they were reflecting:


2001 – We wanted to be understated and as result we focused on plain colors like Dull and Muddy Green.


2002 – We moved into a lively, happy and fun stage with colors like Beige, Watery Ice Blue and Crisp, Grassy Green.


2003 – In came cocooning and we began seeking personal comfort in our surroundings with Blue, Green and varying pastel shades.


2004 – Now we became very content and relaxed with sunbaked shades and earthy tones as well as oceanic choices like Celestial Blue, Light Aqua, Green Haze and Misty Jade. 


2005 – More introspection now, soulful rest and contemplation.  Tropical colors like Ocean Blue, Mango, Twilight Purple and Sunny Yellow found their way onto our walls. 


2006 – Now a more serene scenario with travel in mind.  Out came Rich Red-Purples, Deep Browns, Dark Yellows, Ebony and Ivory.  We even saw the return of more flesh-tones as we tried to get the feeling of lush forests and the outdoors.


2007 – Last year the focus became one of familiarity, simplicity and uncomplicated, relief from technology overload.  Paint stores dished out Biscuit and Wheat Neutrals, Cocoa Brown, Pumpkin Orange and Cinnamon Apple Pie along with Back to Nature Yellows, Blues, Leafy Greens and Organic Browns.


Do you get the feeling people are searching for something missing from their lives?  And what will 2008 bring?


With the all the fanfare accompanying the Olympics in China this year, we should not be surprised that bold and clean reds and deep plums will become very popular.  Green is also emerging as the new “neutral” and …get this … Benjamin Moore’s picks for 2008 are – Peacock Feathers, Split Pea and Gypsy Pink.  They say that what we are searching for now is “Modern Tranquility” – “Organic Comfort” – “Pure Opulence.” 


Yes, colors have definitely changed over the years and homeowners are constantly changing their color schemes based on their mood and “what’s in.”  In 2001 everything was pretty neutral but as we moved forward color became much more of a key element in the expression of individual lifestyles … and the impression it leaves with potential buyers.

The bottom line here for us is to recognize that in determining how our “listing” is going to be presented on the market there is more to focus on than just cleaning, furniture arranging and painting with neutral colors.  Home stagers have to be keenly aware of what colors are currently in vogue and which ones are not.  Take the house that was painted muddy green or dull gray in 2001 and put it on the market in 2008 and you most likely have a very bland and outdated product that is going to leave the potential buyer with and equally bland impression.  Interior designers, decorators and professional home stagers are keenly aware of the impact color has on that all important first impression and so should we. After all, our job is the successful marketing of the house.


Understanding color and how it influences buyers (positively or negatively) is a significant component in getting a house successfully converted from “lived in” to “for sale” to “sold.”  As a result we all need to have a good appreciation of color and how to effectively utilize it to achieve maximum desirability in the product,


A good way of gaining that knowledge is available from the Council of Home Staging Specialists in their Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) online course.  Intimate knowledge of the market and the potential buyer are the secret to successful home staging and the role of color in creating the right impression is a critical component.  If you want to really get a solid understanding of the home staging process and use that knowledge to “pull it all together” you can learn more about this interactive online course by visiting

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