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The Foreclosure Fix

While many industry and financial leaders soft pedaled its severity, millions of home owners across the country are in or close to foreclosure on their homes.

The problem is that hundreds of thousands of real estate agents are not equipped or empowered with the knowledge of the foreclosure process, how to hands Short Sales, etc. The real estate market has changed and now smart agents understand that they need to quickly gain the added expertise … how to facilitate and negotiate a Short Sale.

A Short Sale is when the lender of record agrees to discount their payoff to accommodate a sale of a house when: 1) The borrower has experienced hardship and is unable to repay the mortgage, 2) The value is proven to be less than the amount needed to pay off all loans, encumbrances and real estate selling costs and 3) The loan is delinquent or in default.

RealtyU®, the number one career development company in the real estate industry, announced this week the release of a new online course designed to assist agents specifically with the issues surrounding the Short Sale.

This new online course, Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) is a one-day real estate course that enables agents to fully understand the complexities of short sales and foreclosures and to better serve their clients. This course was developed by short sale expert Jacob Swodeck who for the past eleven years has been in the trenches as an active agent processing and negotiating short sale and pre-foreclosure transactions with a wide spectrum of clients and situations on a daily basis.

Specializing exclusively on short sales and pre-foreclosures, Swodeck has compiled a wealth of knowledge and developed strategies, secrets and techniques which he now, through RealtyU, is sharing with agents in an interactive course that provides not only a detailed overview of the short sale process but utilizes streaming video, power point and flash to define the strategies, tips and tools that real estate professionals electing to operate in this niche market need to succeed.

The course contains everything an agent will need to:

Describes what a short sale is and how it will help their clients.
Determine if a short sale will be successful before signing a listing contract.
Understand what needs to be included for successful short sale submission package.
Know the importance of each item the lenders require for a short sale.
Understand the meaning of “open market seasoning” and how it impacts short sales.
Know the difference between how recourse and non-recourse loans affect your clients.
Have multiple lead generation sources for short sale prospects.
Know the timeline for the foreclosure process and how to extend it if necessary.
Understand how to make simple quick calculations to determine if a short sale will be accepted by a lender.

According to Allen Wright, SVP of the RealtyU Group, Inc., “The biggest problem with Short Sale transactions is knowing if the deal will be successful. Jacob’s methods of determining which sales will be successful before investing a lot of time and energy make this course truly unique. He truly does impart all the knowledge one needs to work short sales just like the experts.”

To learn more about the Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) course and how it can open up a whole new market for you, visit
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